So it begins…

What begins? you may ask. So many things.

First off, I begin trying to keep up with this blog again, since my very talented friend Helenah Swedberg wanted to use some of my pictures on her blog and asked if I had a blog to link them to. I gave her the link to this one and then realized it was time to get it back up to date.

But it’s also the beginning of a crazy time in my life, starting now and lasting for the rest of 2011. It begins now, with my trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos and ends with a semester in Copenhagen studying Urban Design (among other exciting things). I would like to share my adventures with you all, so I’m going to try to post more often on both my blog and my flikr, as well as work this summer to update my blog and make it look even better.

To begin this adventure (that I truly hope you will join me for), I am going to attempt to summarize this first week in Ecuador.

Basically, it has been incredible. I’m here with a group of students who I am taking a class with on environmental communication. The class trip is to the Galapagos and begins on Monday, but a lot of us came a week early to enjoy Ecuador. Enjoy we did…

View of Quito

We began our time with a day exploring Quito, the capital of Ecuador. One of the first things I noticed about Quito was how cheap everything is, especially food (especially compared to DC). Nine of us ate breakfast for $6. I can get a pretty standard lunch or dinner for around $3. Cabs can cost as little as a dollar or two. I´m going to go back to DC and feel like everything is way to expensive (and I don´t even know what to expect in Copenhangen).

We happened to be there on Mother´s Day, so the city was alive. Everyone was out and all the squares around the city were packed with people watching dancers and puppet shows or other performances. So many people were riding bikes since one of the main streets was closed to automobile traffic. The parks were full of families out to enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It would certainly be interesting to see what Quito is like on a normal work day. We went up to the Virgen de Quito statue to get a great view of the city. It’s surprisingly sprawling and dense, especially compared to what I’m used to.

The food in Quito (of course I must mention the food) hasn’t been my favorite so far. It’s very pork, chicken, and generally meat heavy. And potatoes, so many potatoes. But I have found one dish I really like. It’s called morocho con leche and it’s kind of a sweet, cream based corn soup. Once I return home, I’m going to try and perfect a recipe (if I can find all the ingredients—I’m not sure where I can find morocho in the states). In any case, if I make something delicious I will certainly share it!

After Quito, me and three other classmates headed to the Napo Wildlife Reserve in Yasuni National Park (the Amazon!). I will try to catch you up on that tomorrow, but until then keep an eye on my Flikr for photos from the last week!

I’ll get better at this as my writing muscles warm up again. Bear with me and enjoy my travels!


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