Virtual Worlds: Tour de Grocery Store

As many of you likely know, I really love food. One of the stranger manifestations of this is my ability to keep myself entertained for hours just walking around a grocery store. Seriously, sometimes during a stressful week I will just go walk around Whole Foods for a little while to see what new foodstuffs I can discover.

So, coming to Copenhagen I was actually really excited for my first grocery run. I new grocery store in a new country for me to explore? Could life get better?!

Boy was I in for a disappointment.

The first grocery I visited was a chain called Netto. I walked in and was immediately put off by the utter disorganization of the place. Shelves were towering, making it difficult for short people like me to reach things. In the front of the store, things were sort of organized into isles, but the back half was just baskets full of anything you  could imagine in no particular order. Crates of more food to stock the shelf with were just stacked up next to the walls. Moreover, there really wasn’t that much variety in the products they were offering. I knew things would be different coming to Copenhagen, but little foodie self was freaking out a bit!

I walked out of my first Netto experience without purchasing anything, dazed and wondering what my culinary experience would be like here in Copenhagen.

Thankfully, I soon discovered that Netto is the super-cheap grocery store in Copenhagen. Apparently, what you save in money you pay for in lack of service and organization. I have since explored a range of other grocery stores in the area and found plenty to whet my appetite. And I’ve even learned how to navigate Netto when I need to save some Kroner.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Worlds: Tour de Grocery Store

  1. Are they including any and all taxes in with the listed price of items? Are the prtices listed for individual items rounded to the nearest whole number or do they practice the American way of ending the price in a 9, like 1,99, so you will remember the 1 and not the 2, thinking you are paying less? That’s one thing I liked about Germany, pricing was up front instead of the slight of hand, trying to fool the customer. Enjoy your shopping. Let use know the unique food stuff you find and how it tastes (If you buy it)!

    • Yeah, prices are pretty straight forward here, which I really like. What I don’t like is how expensive everything is. But that’s not stopping me from enjoying it! I will definitely let you guys know about food soon!

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