Bike This Way

Last week I went on a bike trip around Copenhagen to look at different urban squares and I learned that, as much as I absolutely love biking around the city, it’s really not a good idea for me. I’m actually quite a good biker (and even managed to do it Copenhagen style, in heels!), but the problem is I get easily distracted. When I’m walking, this isn’t a problem; I can stop, take pictures, change my course to follow something shiny, etc. But when I’m biking, I either have to let things fly past me or take the risk and look at them while I roll along.

I chose the risk, and skillfully captured these street art gems for your enjoyment!

Can you spot the street art? This was the guy who prompted me to pull out my camera in the first place.

Wallpaper-like art in one of the squares we visited.

This is apparently done by a pretty well-known Danish artist who likes to put somewhat surreal pieces around the city. Also, note the political poster hanging in the foreground, leftover from elections. That's Helle, Denmark's new (and first female) Prime Minister.

Street art or just a whimsically painted facade?

I like to think that's me on the bike!

Amazingly, I caused no accidents and have yet to be taken out by a biker! I’m sure it will happen though, it’s only a matter of time.

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2 thoughts on “Bike This Way

  1. The paintings on the buildings are wonderful- especially the photo with the facade painting in different colors– We are really enjoying seeing the city through your eyes Erin— Grandma and Grandpa Greenawald

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