A Quick Intermission: The Ballet!

So, even though my blog posts are still back in Deutschland-land (Amsterdam to come soon, I promise!), I’m back plugging along at my life in Copenhagen. Tonight, I had a very Danish night at the King’s Theater seeing the ballet with my Danish Language class. After having splurged on a season pass to the Washington City Ballet last year, I was excited to see what the Danes had to offer. The show was a set of three different ballets, and was a bit too classical for my taste (though it probably would have helped if I could read Danish well enough to understand the story line written in the program).

But the best (and most Danish) part of the evening was that we were in the company of the queen. Yes, a few minutes before the show started Queen Margereth II walked into her private box with who I think was her sister, and everyone had to stand to greet her (thankfully the Danes sitting around us Americans told us what was going on and what to do). I overheard one of the Danes saying that the ballet is the queens favorite and that she always comes to the shows. After each intermission we had to stand to greet her again, and during the bows all the dancers would first bow directly to her and then to the audience in general. What a life, huh?

I know this is pretty standard for the Danes, since royalty and public figures are very accessible in Denmark, especially compared to the states. But being in the presence of royalty was definitely new to me.


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