Flødeboller Revolution

Okay, imagine this: a treat kind of like a bite-sized smore but a little cleaner. kind of like a marshmallow dipped in chocolate but a little less dense, kind of like eating meringue before it hardens up but more complex. Sound good?

Well the good news is, you don’t have to imagine anymore because this thing exists. The bad news–it currently only exists in Denmark (at least, that’s the only place I’ve ever seen it).

I’m talking about flødeboller, my favorite Danish treat. Pronounced fluh-bolluh, this incredibly sweet dessert is composed of a mound meringue placed on top of a marzipan or cookie wafer and then dipped in chocolate. That’s the basic recipe, but there’s a world of variation out there. It’s common to see coconut sprinkled on top. Sometimes they are dipped in white or different colored chocolate. My host mom says she’s had some really fancy flavored ones before. The standard size is about two-bites big, but I’ve seen jumbo flødeboller floating around.

There's a flødeboller on my ice cream!

Normally I’m not into super-sweet marshmallow-like desserts, but this stuff is seriously good. The thin, crunchy chocolate outside gives way to a gooey inside and the wafer adds a nice foundation. You can eat these on their own or, my favorite, put them on top of ice cream!

I see a world of possibility for flødeboller, and I’m thinking it’s about time I bring them to the States. Maybe flødeboller will be the next cupcake…



2 thoughts on “Flødeboller Revolution

  1. it also exists is israel where it is called: Krambo. and it can have different flavor fillings. from vanilla to coffee.
    you can find here in the US in any grocery store that sales food items from israel, and if there is a large jewish community it may be found in one of the major super markets.

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