Spain: The Gist of It

Since I returned on Saturday from my two week vacation in Spain, I’ve been mulling over how I can possibly give justice to such a fabulous and extended trip on my blog. Part of me selfishly didn’t even want to blog about it–I just wanted to keep my relaxing vacation to myself.

Don’t worry, I’ve gotten over that and figured out how to tackle the challenge. Over the next three posts I’ll tell you all about my adventures in Granada, Madrid, and Sevilla. Maybe I’ll even get a post up later today (although I’m still struggling to get out of vacation mode).

Until then, and for those of  you who were rejoicing at the idea of not having to read long-ish posts about my travels, I present the reader’s digest version to what I did in España:


We ate a lot. And drank (hey, I was on vacation). Spanish food is delicious and the wine is cheap and not too shabby. Some of the culinary highlights were definitely the abudance of pork products (Chorizo, Iberian ham, bacon since I was with Eric), Spanish tortilla (different than the tex-mex tortilla you are probably thinking of), Paella (we even made some ourselves!), manchego cheese, espresso, and Sangria. And in Spain it’s so easy to drag a meal out over the course of several hours that a lot of my trip really was about devoted to the art of Spanish eating.


The best way to discover cities in Europe (or anywhere for that matter) is generally just to get up off your butts and walk around them. So that’s what we did. Outside of fabulous free walking tours through our hostels, we spent plenty of time just walking around on our own, stopping when we wanted to, picking places to return to later, getting lost, etc. I’ve spent so much time traveling Europe with big school groups who are dictating where I go when, that it was so nice to just be exploring a city with one or two close friends who are just as flexible about plans as me. Plus, as an added bonus, all the walking was a nice way to offset at least some of the eating.


And to offset all the walking we got into total Spanish mode and siestaed on the regular. We siestaed in parks and plazas across Spain. We siestaed on the couches at the hostel. Sometimes, we even siestaed in actual beds (crazy, right?). Although it took me a few days to get into the groove, by the end of the trip even I–the perpetual insomniac who couldn’t nap to save her life–was mourning the end of my siesta days.

I was definitely sad to say goodbye to my fantastic travel partners and leave sunny Spain, returning to Denmark where the sun starts setting at 3:30 PM and loads of schoolwork loom in my near future. Luckily, I will have the great memories, the hilarious pictures, and the chorizo I smuggled back with me to help get me through these dreary winter weeks to come.

Erin and Eric post-Spain

More España to come soon… hasta luego!


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