My Shocking Revelation

I’m about to say something that may be controversial. It could be shocking. Are you ready?

The Charles Bridge at night

I didn’t love Prague. 

Enjoying a Prague Thanksgiving (yes, we did find pumpkin pie)

I’m not even sure if I really liked Prague. Maybe it was a classic case of overhype–almost everyone I talked to before going raved about the city and insisted it was their favorite. Maybe it was the weather–the whole time I was there it was cloudy and below freezing, limiting the amount of time I could spend just walking around (my favorite way to discover a city). Maybe it was because a big part of me was really homesick since I was missing Thanksgiving. Maybe it was because it just wasn’t Spain.

Whatever the case, I was less than impressed. Even my pictures from Prague were disappointing (possibly because I wasn’t even allowed to take pictures in a lot of the places we toured).

It’s hard for me to come to terms with not liking everywhere I venture in the world, but I supposed it’s bound to happen as I expand my travel horizons. As my parents said, “Well, that’s just another place you can cross off the list.” The world is big and there are a lot of other places for me to fall in love with.

My friend Rain and I trying to metamorph.

Not that going was a total bust. Copenhagen weather now feels nearly tropical compared to the winter chill in Prague. I ate some delicious cheap baked goods and drank some good cheap beer. And I got a picture posing like a cockroach (or trying to) in front of Franz Kafka’s statue. That was most definitely a success.


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