What does Erinaceously mean?

I’m sure this is the question burning in all of your minds. If you look it up in Webster’s online dictionary, erinaceously is the “virtually never used adverbial inflection of the rarely used adjective erinaceous.” The definition for erinaceous is “of the Hedgehog family; like, or characteristic of, a hedgehog.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I love hedgehogs more than the average person. And I think a lot can be learned from ideas like the hedgehog concept.

But I decided this word was in need of a revival.

I mean, it’s rooted with my name for goodness sake!  So I started to think about what my name would mean as an adjective or adverb. what it would mean to have the nature or the characteristics of Erin? It started out as a fun brainstorming activity, turned into a college application essay (which I won’t torture you with), and eventually became this blog, which serves as a place to continue to figure out the definition. So far I’ve learned it means living passionately, loving anything that pulls on creativity, hating spreadsheets, having a lot of interests, being the worst decision-maker ever… and I still have so much to learn.

But this blog is about more than just me. It’s about living life the way you define it. It’s about figuring out what jazzes you and filling your time with it. It’s about figuring out what your adjective/adverb means and sharing it proudly with the world.

Think about it!

Who is Erin?

Name: Erin Bryce Greenawald

Location: Good question

Education: Student at American University,getting a degree in Environmental Studies but learning a whole lot more

Other things I do: Sing a cappella, explore the world, cook & eat a whole lot of (mostly delicious) food, read & write, people watch, fill Moleskins with madness using my Sharpie pens

Personality types, etc: INFJ, 56% right-brained 44% left brained, Taurus

Contact me: erinbryce429@gmail.com


Tell me what you think!

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