Happy Hygge Holiday!

The word “hygge” is one that I have heard discusses since I arrived in Copenhagen. It’s one of those words that has no direct translation–it’s more of a concept than a word–and is supposedly a uniquely Danish thing. The adjective form, hyggeligt, literally means cozy. Hygge is much more complex but is very often associated with an extended gathering of friends or family, usually in the home, complete with plenty of delicious food, drinks, and candles all around. There is definitely a sense of coziness to it, but it is also about warmth, comfort, togetherness, and feeling content.

In other words, it is all the things I love about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it is all about gathering with loved ones around a huge table full of food and just spending hours eating, talking, and enjoying being together. It’s about finding a cozy haven from the cold for a day with some great company, usually complete with candles or even a fire in the fireplace. If you ask me, it’s proof that hygge is alive and well outside of Denamark too. They may have a word devoted to it, but the States has an entire holiday.

I hope everybody back home has a fantastic Thanksgiving. I’m really bummed to be missing it, so enjoy it a little extra Thanksgiving hygge  for me! I love and miss you all. 

Image source: Courant.com TVEYE

Virtual Worlds: A Head’s Up

Hello to all my regular readers who are here to keep up with my travels! I just wanted to give you all a heads up that, mixed in with my regular posts, I’m going to start writing posts as assignments for my Virtual Worlds and Social Media class. I will identify all of these by putting “Virtual Worlds” in the title, as above.

For those of you who are subscribers, I’m afraid I don’t know of a way to prevent it from emailing you about these posts. But, if you’re not interested in reading them, a quick glance at the title of the post will warn you just to ignore it! If you are interested in reading them, great! More posts for you!

On another note…

I have started work as an editorial intern for a brand new online magazine for young, professional women called  The Daily Muse. The magazine’s official launch was actually today, and we are all very excited to get this rolling. Check it out if you’re interested (Men, I’ll forgive you for not being interested. Actually, I’ll forgive any of you.)

Alright, done with the dull explanations and self-promotion. Copenhagen’s going great and I have some exciting (and delicious) posts brewing! Hope you all are well.

Into the Unknown

My flight leaves tomorrow. I’m currently sitting in an airport hotel, theoretically all ready to leave in the morning. Anyone who knows me moderately well probably thinks I’m excited, collected, and ready right now. Anyone who knows me really well knows I’m terrified. But it’s a good kind of terrified–the kind that means big things are about to happen. It’s go time.

Photo taken in Copenhagen by *Zephyrance - don't wake me up. via Flikr

Any last minute advice before I depart?