The Top 5 Things I Did in Seville

So funny story. After our time in Madrid, Eric and I were supposed to head to Barcelona to wrap up our trip. But it had been overcast and drizzly in Madrid and looking at the weather forecast they were calling for rain in Barcelona as well. While Eric may have more than his share of sunshine in Cairo, it’s severely lacking in Copenhagen and I really wanted to soak up some rays before returning. So we looked at the weather around Spain and noticed that it looked especially nice in Valencia and Seville. One coin flip later and we were booking bus tickets to Seville.

Best coin flip of my life. Read on to see all the things I enjoyed doing so much in Sevilla!

1. Eating, drinking, and drinking some more

(Photo cred: Eric Fleddermann)

No, I was not an alcoholic in Seville. But we did enjoy  plenty of Sangria: a pitcher during our first lunch, a pitcher after dinner to enjoy the lovely evening, a pitcher by the water on our last day. The delicious drink was almost always accompanied by some equally tasty food. The best food memory from the trip was the night Eric and I decided to try our hand at making paella at the hostel. While we were cooking one of the adorable women who ran the hostel came in and started making Spanish tortilla and some sort of spinach and cheese dish. Then a couple girls from the UK who were staying there came in and mixed up a couple (more) pitchers of sangria. In the end, we all gathered around the table on the outdoor terrace and shared our culinary concoctions. The food was good (really really good), but the company was better.

2. Seeing the sights (and soaking up some rays)

We really knew nothing about Seville before we arrived, but we quickly realized that there are a lot of cool things to see in Seville! And most of them–blessedly–allow you to be outside in the sun. While this might be awful in the middle of a hot Sevillan summer (when it’s the hottest city in Europe), I was loving it in Novemeber. Over the next few days we went back and visited:

The Seville Cathedral: the massive mosque turned cathedral in the center of town, which includes a very tall minaret turned bell tower that has a great view of the city (more on that later).

Alcázar: the moorish fort turned royal palace which is architecturally similar to the Alhambra but quite possibly has even more extensive and beautiful gardens (Photo cred: Eric Fleddermann)

The Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza (The Bullfighting Ring): Though we did not actually get to see a bullfight (I'm not sure I really would have wanted to), the ring was pretty beautiful, especially on such a sunny day. Hint: Click on the photo to make it bigger and you can see the ring in Eric's glasses!

The Waterfront: Although it's a beautiful view on it's own, the waterfront is especially good for people watching and enjoying a little sangria and cheese! (Photo cred: Eric Fleddermann)

Oh, and then there was the Plaza de España. But more on that later…

3. Enjoying the view (and soaking up more sun)

As I mentioned above, the view from the Cathedral tower was pretty incredible...

But we were also lucky enough to have a rooftop terrace at our hostel (which was in a 500 year old jewish mansion, by the way) with a view that was not too shabby. One of my favorite afternoons we just sat up there in the sun with the towers of Seville surrounding us, enjoying an afternoon snack of Iberican ham and manchego cheese, while Eric attempted to teach me to play chess. Not a bad life, eh? Watching the sunset from up there wasn’t too shabby either.

Sunset from the roof (Photo cred: Eric Fleddermann)

4. Plaza de España, Plaza de España, Plaza de España (sun, sun, sun)

I probably could have spent my entire time in Seville just hanging around this sunny plaza. We first came as part of the walking tour and then returned on our last day and spent almost the entire afternoon there just lounging around on the stairs and listening to some street performers play flamenco. I could talk more about it, but I think I’ll just show you pictures…

Approaching the Plaza

Beautiful bridges and tile work

Enjoying some flamenco music (Photo cred: Eric Fleddermann)

Just hanging out on the tiled balconies. Pretty standard.

5. Watching flamenco

On our last night we went pretty classy and made reservations at this restaurant that had a free flamenco show. It was the perfect way to wrap up our Spanish vacation: several hour long dinner, paella, Sangria, flamenco. I was enjoying myself too much to document the show there at all, but if you aren’t familiar with flamenco you should definitely check out the video below of a street performer in Granada!

In case you couldn’t figure this out, the trip was all around fantastic. Thank you for bearing with my long posts–there was just so much I wanted to share! And with another trip in my near future and the Christmas season already here in Copenhagen, there will be many more things to share during my final month abroad.